Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Closet Vigilantes - An Attempt To Make Going Out Fun Again

Sometimes I feel it's better not to leave the house at all. Just stay in. Be safe. No fear of crime that way. But then even ships are safest in the dock but that's not what they're built for, right? Yet everywhere you go these days, the recent Lower Parel rape case has frightened people into thinking that adopting a defeatist attitude is the best way to protect yourself. How about getting to the root of the problem and attacking it there? 

Among many celebrities who tweeted and wrote about their outrage against the recent incident, it was noteworthy what people like actor Rahul Bose, VJ Jose Covaco and director Farah Khan had to say:

Rahul spoke about a long-term plan to eradicate violence against women:

Rahul Bose, Film Actor: We have to educate our boys, we have to reach out to their parents, their neighbourhoods, their communities. We need sustained gender sensitisation workshops for teachers, parents and school administrators. Gender equality as a subject must be made a compulsory part of the school curriculum.Innovative events, creative activities, projects designed for both children and parents around the issue must be executed month after month all year round. Read the entire article here
While Jose was incensed enough to take it upon himself to do something about it:
José Covaco, VJ: Eventually all we'll have is a bunch of flyovers named after women we can't protect. Help is not coming. Do whatever you can to stay safe. Ladies PLEASE don't ever make the mistake of believing that Mumbai is safe even late at night.It never was.It's only safe for Politicians. People interested in setting up Citizen Groups in Bandra to patrol and secure our streets get in touch with me here.We've wasted too much time
And then there was Farah with her signature sarcasm, pointing out the truth of reality.
Farah Khan, Director: Obviously tweeting our outrage has Made NO difference whatsover!
More reality bites in a DNA article that informs us about a term called ‘tagging’that has nothing to do with social media and yet another write-up that takes the words out of my mouth about why India doesn't like its women. 

If all this is too information is too much to take in for you, watch this Indian stand-up comedian take on the topic of rape.

Before we point fingers at each other and admonish others to teach their sons not to rape, let's look at ourselves. How good an example are we being? Afterall we're what society consists of, aren't we? 

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